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Florida Department of Health in Osceola County

Your child’s immunization schedule is an extremely important healthcare measure that should be kept up-to-date.  Vaccines have contributed to a significant reduction in many childhood diseases, such as diphtheria, polio, measles, and whooping cough. It is now rare for American children to experience the devastating effects of these illnesses. Infant deaths due to childhood diseases have nearly disappeared in the United States and other countries with high vaccination coverage. But the germs that cause vaccine-preventable diseases and death still exist, and can be passed on to people who are not protected by vaccines.

Certain immunizations are crucial to your child’s health, as well as for admittance into daycare and specific school grade levels. The following links will give you information on Florida’s 2022-2023 immunizations requirements for school entry:

Immunizations are offered for children 2 months old – 18 years old at no cost.  There is a form referred to as the DH 680, Florida Certification of Immunization or "Blue Card"*. The form is required for any child entering Florida schools (public or private, K-12), pre-schools, childcare facilities or family day care homes.  There is a minimal cost for transferring the records. *Please note that this form is now printed on white paper; it is no longer blue.

Adult immunizations
Vaccines are important for adult and adolescents as well as children. Vaccine recommendations for adolescents and adults are based on a variety of factors including age, overall health status, and medical history.

To help you understand what vaccines you might need, you can complete the Adolescent and Adult Vaccine Quiz online. Then print your results and discuss them with your doctor or healthcare professional next time you make an office visit. Take the quiz.