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Swimming Pool Inspection Program

Environmental Health

The Swimming Pool Inspection Program is designed to protect the public from the risk of disease and injury at public swimming pools and bathing places. The governing authority for this program is Florida Administrative Code 64E-9 and Florida Statute Chapter 514.

Inspections are conducted twice a year and entail, but are not limited to: 
  1. Water Quality and Chemistry
  2. Pool Cleanliness and Safety Measures
  3. Proof of contract with Pool Service Technician or proof of Pool Operator Training
  4. Pool Maintenance Records
  5. Location and condition of bathroom facilities
Pool Inspection

If you wish to open a public swimming pool you will need an initial operating permit:

Proof of “required training” through the Department of Health. All persons employed to service the pool must have proof of the Public Pool Service Technician Certification/ Certified Pool Operator.

Additional Resources:
CDC Advice on Healthy Swimming (274.1kb; pdf)
CDC-Six "PLEAs" For Healthy Swimming
Pool and Spa forms are to the left in the Applications/Forms tab.